The conjuring of Steel Gravy

The Steel Gravy band is a group of four seasoned musicians who just happened to meet at a local Open Mic back in February of 2016. As they jammed that evening to some of their favorites including, Grateful Dead, New Riders, Stones, Beatles, as well as quickly picking up on each other’s originals, their styles clicked and it felt as though they had been playing together for 20 years. The vibe was so good, and knowing that this was really rare on a first time jam session, they immediately decided to put a band together and give it a run.

Keeping the focus on “grooving and feeling good music”, they developed a set list that included originals from Steve Kirchuk and Greg Biolsi as well as covers from The New Riders of the Purple Sage, Steve Earl, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Warren Zevon, Marshall Tucker, and many other artists.

After just 4 months of intensive practice they were asked to perform at New Jersey’s famed Stanhope House where they were well received. Within a few weeks they provided a stellar performance at the 2016 WNTI Stage event in Knowlton NJ where they were called out as one of the most energetic and top performers of the wonderful three day event.

With Steve’s deep and tight seven string Bass, Wayne’s warm and syrupy Pedal Steel, Greg’s harmonic and crunchy vocals, and Jon’s tight and embellished beats, Steel Gravy’s performances are invigorating and raw fun. They present an eclectic mix of Rock & Roll and grooving Country-Rock covers with a rich blend of melodic and meaningful originals.

Steel Gravy’s performances create the warm vibrancy and experience of a cool, late September open air Grateful Dead concert. Everyone’s into the music, feeling good, and doing that shuffle. Steel Gravy will bring even the most stoic and bashful to their feet and up to the front row.